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Are you ready to change your life?
My goal as a teacher is to help my students discover their own inner peace. Each person’s progress, willingness to change, and trust inspires me to learn as much as I can about yoga so I can help them practice with integrity and purpose. Because of yoga I am more patient, more centered, more joyous in the moment.

I am now offering private and duet yoga and Pilates classes in my Louisville home studio.

Contact me at hollyinlouisville@gmail.com for rates and schedule.

Learn more about Pilates, my other love, at PilatesLouisville.com and on facebook.

After more than 20 years in the stressful fields of journalism and publishing, I turned to yoga to bring better balance to my life. I fell in love with the rejuvenating powers of Rocket yoga, a dynamic form of Ashtanga yoga that adds in more core abdominal moves, inversions, hip openers, backbends, and twists than traditional yoga classes. I have studied directly with Larry Schultz, the founder of Rocket Yoga in San Francisco (www.itsyoga.com), and graduated from the affiliated teacher training program at Yoga Ah! in Cincinnati (www.yogaahstudio.com).

I obtained national certification from Yoga Alliance and comprehensive Pilates certification from Integrated Balance, which is recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance.

In addition to Rocket and Ashtanga yoga, I teach a gentle Vinyasa flow that is suitable for beginning students and those with prior injuries. All private classes are tailored to your needs.

Read more about my journey through Yoga in a piece I wrote for Louisville Magazine.
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Want to supplement your regular classes when you can’t get to the studio?

Now you can practice whenever you want and wherever you are, with Holly at your side. Checkout the Yoga by Holly workout library.


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I have taught at many schools, studios and fitness centers since 2008, including Bellarmine College, Core Studio, Jewish Community Center, Mainly Yoga, Shine, University of Louisville, and Yoga on Baxter.

I currently offer private and duet classes by request.
    Holly Holland and her energetic instruction in Rocket Yoga has helped to transform me and my practice of yoga. By the end of a Rocket practice, I feel exhausted but energized by the new things that I've learned and accomplished. The feeling of peacefulness and happiness that follows, allows me to refocus my life each and every time.       Holly is an encouraging teacher who also challenges me. Sometimes in class, I feel like she's reading my mind - picking the next move or pose that is just what I need at that moment. She has helped me to make yoga a mainstay of my fitness regimen - and it has helped me physically and mentally. When I started I was skeptical about what yoga could do, and now I'm totally addicted thanks to Holly.    
    - Maria Chal
Louisville, Cincinnati, Uganda
      - Melissa Draut
    Holly is passionate about yoga, and her devotion to her own practice infuses every class she teaches. The only rule in Holly’s class is to have fun and she makes it impossible for any student not to abide by that rule. What I love best is the spirit of adventure that pervades the class whenever Holly is at the helm. I can say without a doubt that Holly is the best yoga teacher I have ever had, and as I think about it, I don't know a better teacher--of anything--than Holly Holland.       I began taking yoga classes because of low back pain. Holly was sensitive to my needs, suggesting numerous ways to do poses. Holly's spiritual approach to yoga is downright inspiring! She offers gentle, kind, and motivational instruction. She loves what she does and I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn from her. My low-back pain has dramatically decreased due to my practice. If I skip a week I can feel the difference. I strongly encourage anyone to take yoga. It has helped me attain greater flexibility, lessened my physical pain, and is strengthening me physically and spiritually.

    - Julie Marie Wade
      Phyllis “Fig” Ferrell

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